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RAAL Requisite HSA -1b

When the director of a large Japanese car factory was asked by journalists what the secret of their success was, they received the following answer: "We are doing a little more and a little better than the competition. "With the HSA-1b amplifier we developed for the production of RAAL Requisite we had a similar situation. We had to work a little harder and do a little better than other manufacturers in this field. The demands that our friends from the world-renowned production "RAAL" set before us were very specific. At that time, Aleksandar Radisavljević from Zaječar was already a well-known manufacturer of top-quality Ribbon tweeters. His latest project was the "RAAL SR-1a" headphones of the highest class based on a similar principle, in which a very thin aluminum strip was used for the drive element.

RAAL production has protected this principle under the name "True Ribbon". These headphones took a high position in the High-End class very quickly, and after a few great reviews, they were ranked among the few best headphones in the world. Their only problem was the ultra low impedance of just under 0.4 ohms, so there was a need for an amplifier that would power them optimally. Of course, Aleksandar expected an amplifier which, in addition to the technical requirements, will also be up to the quality of his headphones in terms of sound.

We therefore had a serious task and a serious challenge ahead of us. It was necessary to design, develop and start with the production of amplifiers that will work all the time with a very problematic impedance (on the edge of a short circuit) with the requirement to fully preserve the best features of these headphones. We couldn't lose their fine microdynamics, focus, resolution and absolutely natural harmonic reproduction.

In this place and in this situation, experience, work and dedication, gathered from all the years and decades we have spent dealing with audio electronics, have helped. All the previous amplifiers, array of the previous constructions, preamplifiers and DACs, have now appeared as the foundation of the future project that has been ahead of us. The knowledge of electronics and the passion of a true audiophile should be united and applied in the development of such a specific and demanding device. We knew what we wanted, what high-end headphone fans, audiophiles and sound engineers were looking for from an amplifier like this. We were both designers and demanding listeners. All those fine nuances that are often impossible to translate into words, those seemingly strange demands regarding space, resolution, silence and darkness in the background, three-dimensionality and focus are set as the goal of our device. We chose electronic components long and carefully, comparing capacitors and resistors from different manufacturers, combining and looking for optimal solutions. Internal wiring, passive components and, in fact, every detail of the device had been selected and polished to the point where after long listening we would all agree that a certain element is the right choice for a certain position. Still, more than nine prototypes were built and modified until we finally got the HSA-1b device that is being produced today for the production of the RAAL Requisite.

In a compact, aesthetically refined and functional box with an asymmetrically placed cooler, the customer gets an integrated amplifier of the highest class that drives dynamic and ribbon headphones, as well as classic speakers. HSA-1b, designed for the best headphone models that work perfectly, but do not forgive mistakes, exceeded even the boldest expectations. You can’t stay indifferent when you first hear the sound that comes from this amplifier. There is something magical about it. It will show you all the reasons why Hi-Fi and music exist in this world. It will put a smile back on your face.