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      It all started in the early seventies, when the global audio industry began its dizzying rise and culminated in many legendary and respected audio products, especially in the field of amplification. At that time, information about top Hi-Fi components reached the former Yugoslavia and Serbia rarely and with great delay. This situation did not diminish our passion or enthusiasm, on the contrary, that love was strengthened through research in the field of electronics, learning from books and magazines and gaining firsthand auditory experience. The procurement of new factory components was complicated with a number of problems related to finances and customs restrictions.  If we wanted to experience premium audio performance were had to make preamplifiers and amplifiers ourselves.

      From the first vacuum tube stereo amplifier I made in 1973, to the devices that S.A.EQ. produces today, a journey of almost 50 years has been traversed. Where did I come from on this trip? Why was electronics, and not something else, my destiny and essential orientation? These questions are not easy, but it is not necessary to answer them. One follows his star, progresses and develops, guided by forces whose causes and roots he often cannot foresee. What he surely knows and what drives him all the time is an inner need, affinity and probably love. The devices that I have developed, constructed and built all these years have gradually acquired a character and tone that I considered to be correct and authentic, in the musical and technical sense.

      Confirmations that I was moving in the right direction, I received from colleagues and acquaintances who shared that same passion for music and excellent sound. Each newly built device brought additional experience, self-confidence and the need to make progress, to go further, through learning, critical listening and constant research. Finally, I wanted to share his happiness with people who, like me, find peace, pleasure and inspiration in music. That's how it started. Gradually, unpretentiously, with strong faith and good will. On this path, as on all roads, you meet other people, communicate, discover things you had never dreamed of, learn and make progress. The devices presented here testify to development through carefully considered changes and improvements. Each advancement has its own story, brief history, its own place and meaning. These "early works" represent the beginning of the construction and will be the foundation on which we are working today.

  • Hybrid preamplifier, SAEQ - MP3, with lamp output stage
    Hybrid preamplifier, SAEQ - MP3, with lamp output stage
  • Headphone amplifier, development project for RAAL Requisite
    Headphone amplifier, development project for RAAL Requisite
  • SAEQ digital-to-analog converter, DAC, with germanium output stage
    SAEQ digital-to-analog converter, DAC, with germanium output stage