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Our story » SAEQ development

       The end of the 1960’s to the end of the 80’s was the golden age of development and rise of the audio industry. We can also state that we are contemporaries and participants in this wonderful period, in various ways. Some of the most desirable amplifiers, preamps, top gramophones, legendary speakers and headphones were created during that time. The inspiration to make our own contribution came a long time ago, as evidenced by numerous projects and constructed devices. We are talking about several decades of persistent and dedicated work, learning through trial and error and a history of successful products.

       One of the ways in which we continued to make progress, even when many left, was and remains our work with germanium transistors. This generation of semiconductors is almost forgotten in the tremendously rapid development of solid-state electronic components, based on silicon. We have not forgotten them, because their relaxed and natural character reminded us of the sound of vacuum tubes, and often surpassed them in many aspects. The result of this research had found its way into some of our best preamplifiers.

       Of course, the development and experimentation with the latest transistors, diodes and integrated circuits was pursued at the same time. We took care of details, passive components, sparing no time for endless tests and comparisons, when choosing resistors, capacitors and conductors for internal wiring. We have paid special attention to the design of the chassis in the mechanical and aesthetic sense, constantly improving the appearance and functionality of our devices.

        Finally, we have reached the level we can truly be proud of. Tests on reference world sites in the superlative speak about the sound and construction of our devices. The HSA-1b headphone amplifier that we produce for our friends and colleagues from the RAAL-Requisuite production has been declared one of the best amplifiers in the world in this category. After almost a year of development and improvement, with persistent and detailed listening on two prototype models, we came to an amplifier that further highlighted the incredible authenticity and resolution of the SR-1a headphones. Top reviewers dealing with High-End headphones and accessories have agreed and unequivocally confirmed in their tests that the SR-1a / HSA-1b headset / amplifier kit is one of the reference combinations in the $ 50,000 class. Relaxation of the sound presentation without loss of resolution and detail is a task set before us by our partners from the Serbian-American company RAAL-Requisite. On the American side in front of Requisite, Danny McKinney, a musician, renowned sound engineer and designer of numerous studio devices, confirms that the synergy of amplifier HSA-1b and the SR-1a headphonesexceeded expectations.

Here in Serbia, Aleksandar Radisavljević, the founder of "RAAL", does not hide his satisfaction that an optimal amplification has been developed for his "Earfield Monitors", which emphasizes and follows their best features.

These people are our friends, we share the passion and love for music and excellent sound with them.

That love, mutual trust and ambition to move forward together, explain the success and progress in this field of audio engineering.

We are near the end of the development of several new models of headphone amplifiers. One of them we are constructing for RAAL Requisite.

The latest models are expected to confirm the high position of our devices on the world market and raise the ladder for the future. The competition is strong, new manufacturers constantly appear with great solutions, but this situation is a motive and a challenge for us. Our common goal is clear and simple: to offer the market what is best.