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Headphones amplifiers

The ARMAGEDDON Amplifier represents the pinnacle of high-fidelity audio experience. This exquisitely designed device stands as the zenith of Hi-End audio reproduction and quality hardware, earning its name from the cataclysmic shift it brings to audio presentation. With a keen eye on aesthetics, the ARMAGEDDON's front panel radiates with the brilliance of a fundamentally new sound and a fresh beginning.

The ARMAGEDDON amplifier delivers an unparalleled authenticity in sound reproduction, creating the illusion of being present at a live music performance. It allows you to delve into the most astonishing sonic details with a resolution and relaxation that have an incredible synergy. Building on the esteemed legacy of our renowned HYPERION Ge model, the ARMAGEDDON enhances your audio experience with clearer details and a finer spatial presentation.

Listeners perceive the ARMAGEDDON as the sound of a top-tier vacuum tube amplifier, characterized by minimal coloration and a rich fullness of tone. The contours of tones are full and clear, offering a world of new perceptions. This complete performance is achieved with discrete components, including a powerful output stage with a total potential dissipation of 300W per channel, a pure Class A drive stage, and a selective choice of components for the finest audio presentation, marking it as the highest class of amplifier.

The high impedance single-end input stage with FET transistors, combined with high-gain potential components, delivers a sound presentation with the finest details. A 24-step attenuator with special metal-oxide resistors ensures a channel balance error of no more than 0.2 dB. The microdynamics and impulse response create the illusion of the most expensive tube amplifiers and an incredible spatial presentation.

The ARMAGEDDON demands the highest class of sound sources and interconnect cables to open your path to the live sound stage, allowing you to revel in the incredible details and the creation of music's real-space illusion. After experiencing ARMAGEDDON, your perception of sound quality will be forever transformed. It becomes your New World the moment you hear it—a world of no return.

MSRP Tax include Europe: 9120 USD

Export  price free Tax: 7600 USD

Price (MSRP):1,00USD

Load Impedance headphones out - direct

direct  output: 4- 600 ohms

out with attenation 32 – 600 ohms

Load Impedance speakers out

4-16 ohms

Output Power:

30/4 ohms, 20W/8 ohms, 8W/16 ohm,  4W/32ohm, 2W/64ohms, 1/120 ohms, 0.5W/300 ohms, 0.25W/600 ohms at 1khz/sine

Frequency Response:

500mv/ in/sin.  10hz –  100kHz  (-0.5dB/ -2dB)

Power Bandwidth:

Better than 10-50kHz (-0.5db) at 5W


Bether than  0,2% at 1khz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 90dB

Input Impedance:


Input Sensitivity (High and Low) for full OUT:

1V(high gain), 2,5V (low gain)

Input Connections:

INPUT 1- 2 RCA Single-Ended and  INPUT 3 - 2 XLR 3-pin Balanced (female)

Output Connections:

1 x XLR 4-pin female +6,3mm stereo jack-direct,

 1 x XLR 4-pin female + 6,3mm stereo jack direct/attenuation 5-10db (balanced Planar & Dynamic headphones)

Max Power Consumption:

100W, without signal 15W

Workng voltage:

115V/230VAC  (selector switch)


Height 122mm, Width 370mm, D 240mm


NET- 8kg, PACK 9,2 kg

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