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SAEQ Pandora's Box 1


Multifunctional decoder - DAC

ES9038Q2M's 32BIT hyperstream DAC and time domain jitter elimination technology are the performance level of today's industry. With its high performance, it is enough to satisfy demanding


As a connection to the computer system, the input terminal adopts the current digital daughter card asynchronous receiving scheme, which is one of the excellent asynchronous USB audio schemes recognized so far. The USB daughter card adopts an independent linear power supply.

The output audio low-pass IV does not use a general op amp module, but an op amp + discrete circuit, which makes the music taste stronger, and the human voice is more delicate and moist, mellow and natural.

The analog output stage, with its ultimate delivery of 4 double operational amplifiers, smoothly converts the output signal of the digital stage without bad side effects. The sound is for true connoisseurs of good sound. Rounded characters without rough edges but with maximum resolution of microdynamic details.

SABRE DAC  ES9038 is optimized by soft control, supports DSD and PCM format playback, and supports 32BIT 384K high bit rate playback.

The chassis is an all-ALUminum alloy structure, with laser engraving and lettering, which is clear for a long time.

MSRP Tax include Europe: 1200 USD

Export  price free Tax: 1000 USD

Price (MSRP):1,00USD


150*133*41 mm

Rated Power

2W AC100~240V

Bluetooth input


Support Bluetooth

5.1. Support APTX-HD and LDAC protocols

USB port

PCM 44.1K ~ 384K 24/32bit DSD64~DSD512

Operating Systems

Windows XP/vista/win7/win8, win10 32/64bit,  Mac OSX

S / PDIF inputs

COAXIAL and OPTICAL - PCM 44.1K~192K, 16~24bit


1 pc SAEQ DAC Pandora*s box 1


1 pc USB cable


1 pc Power Supplay Adapter AC 90-240V


1 pc Remote control +batery