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Amplifier HYPERION Ge

Headphones amplifiers


The HYPERION Ge headphone amplifier represents the real STATE OF ART in the domain of audio reproduction.

In Greek mythology HYPERION is the son of the god Titan. HYPERION together with his son HELIOS represents the personification of the Sun.

We designed  the front panel to symbolize the brightness of the Sun.

Its luxurious presentation and extraordinary authenticity in reproduction causes the listener to be delighted all times as it creates the illusion of the presence of live music in minute detail.

The high level of reproduction was set with the HAS-1b. With the HYPERION Ge, we managed to go even further with clearer details and a finer presentation of acoustic space.

Careful selection of components and expertly designed amplifier topology with pre-drive  stage in pure A-class represents a stable basis for the highest class of amplifiers.

To achieve this, we opted for the forgotten jewels among transistors - Germanium transistors.

They were created in the fifties of the last century. They had several advantages over silicon transistors (higher current gain, higher linearity and lower base voltage requirement). Due to the expensive and complicated technology and expensive basic material - germanium, their production was abandoned in the seventies (of the last century).

Unfortunately for audiophiles, they were replaced with cheap silicon transistors. Yet, their rarity and significantly higher price did not prevent us from using them in the input stage of HYPERION Ge.

The use of germanium transistors allowed us to achieve the finest reproduction details that introduce the listener  to the world of live music. The fact that germanium transistors have 2 to 5 times lower base voltage than silicon transistors gives this amplifier incredible potential in displaying fine details that captivate with opulence of sound presentation.

HYPERION Ge is an amplifier  with which we wanted to leave the imagination of the audio presentation and enable you to be on stage.

A special bonus of HYPERION Ge is the speaker output. It allows you an incredible experience of the authenticity of reproduction in your room, provided that it is connected to high-class loudspeakers. It certainly requires premium sound sources AND the highest class of cabling to keep your path to the live sound open.

HYPERION Ge is the shortest way to the authentic sound of the artists and satisfaction, in your room and your favorite armchair.

MSRP Tax include Europe: 6700 USD

Export  price free Tax: 5500 USD

Price (MSRP):1,00USD

HYPERION Ge Amplifier Specs

Load Impedance headphones out - direct

4- 600 ohms

Load Impedance speakers out

4-16 ohms

Output Power :

8W/4 ohms, 11W/8 ohms, 5.5W/16 ohm,  2.7W/32ohm, 1.3W/64ohms, 0.6W/120 ohms, 0.3W/300 ohms, 0.15W/600 ohms at 1khz/sine

Frequency Response:

500mv/ in/sin.  10hz –  500kHz  (-0.5dB/ -2dB)

Power Bandwidth:

Better than 10-100kHz (-0.5db) at 5W 


Bether than  0,3% at 1khz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 90dB

Input Impedance:


Input Sensitivity for full OUT:

0,7V AC

Input Connections:

INPUT 1- 2 RCA Single-Ended, INPUT 2 - 2 XLR 3-pin Balanced (female)

Output Connections:

 1 x XLR 4-pin female +6,3mm stereo jack-direct,

 1 x XLR 4-pin female + 6,3mm stereo jack- attenuation -6dB  (balanced Planar & Dynamic headphones)

Max Power Consumption:

50W, without signal 15W

Workng voltage:

115V/230VAC (selector switch) or 100V (requires internal connection)

In fuction selector position


Height 90mm, Width 305mm, D 240mm


 netto 5,0kg / brutto 6,3kg

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