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Amplifier PDA-1b

Headphones amplifiers

The PDA-1b is a generic successor to the PDA-1a and represents a further increase in sonic quality. The differences are clearly heard when you compare them directly. The basic topology is taken from our highly acclaimed HAS-1b amplifier. Compared to the old version, the PDA-1b sonically has a more refined, relaxed and better spatial presentation.

To drive ribbon headphones, it is necessary to use a transformer interface (see RAAL & requisite Ti-1b). It drives all other types of electrodynamic and planar headphones with ease and excels at it, offering a truly brilliant sonic presentation. You can connect 4 pairs of headphones to it without affecting the quality of reproduction and tonal balance. This is due to a very powerful output stage with discrete components and carefully designed double feedback. Fine details and clearly presented instruments on stage are proof of the unequivocally high quality of this amplifier.

One gets the impression that the more complex the musical material is, the better it reproduces it. Simply, its transparency and sparkle will certainly not leave you indifferent. 

This class of amplifier requires high-class DACs and transparent interconnect cables in order for its sonic presentation to be in full glory.

On it you will hear every change in sound sources and quality of music production. 

The topology of the PDA-1b, according to some of our traditions, is made with discrete elements. Additional detail is due to the stabilized power source, as it is a prerequisite for the fabulous presentation of micro-details.

Output stage with a powerful low-impedance output that can go down to 2 ohm impedances which can be useful when driving some planar headphones. 

This is an amplifier that will certainly make you smile with satisfaction while listening to your favorite music materials . With that, our basic mission has been accomplished.

MSRP Tax include Europe: 4300 USD

Export  price free Tax: 3500 USD

Price (MSRP):1,00USD

Load Impedance headphones out - direct

2- 600 ohms

Load Impedance speakers out


Output Power (one chanel driven):

10W/8 ohms, 5W/16 ohms, 2.5W/32ohm, 1,25W/64ohms, 0,6W/120 ohms, 0,3W/300 ohms, 0,15W/600 ohms at 1khz/sine /both  canall driving.

Frequency Response:

2V RMS  15hz –  500kHz  (-1dB/ -3dB)

Power Bandwidth:

100kHz (-1db) at 2W 


< 0,3% at 1khz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 95dB

Input Impedance:


Input Sensitivity for full OUT:

0,7V at 1 kHz

Input Connections:

INPUT 1- 2 RCA Single-Ended, INPUT 2 - 2 XLR 3-pin Balanced (female)

Output Connections:

2 x XLR 4-pin female (balanced Planar & Dynamic headphones) 2 x 6.3mm stereo jack (Planar & Dynamic headphones) 8 - 600Ω

Speakers OUT 4mm banana conector

Max Power Consumption:

50W, without signal 15W

Workng voltage:

115V/230VAC (selector switch) or 100V (requires internal connection)


Height 90mm, Width 218mm, D 320mm (3.54 x 8.58 x 12.60 inches)


netto 5,3kg / brutto 6,6kg

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