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Amplifier MORPHEUS

Headphones amplifiers


In Greek mythology, MORPHEUS is one of the sons of the god Zeus in charge of dreams of pleasure.

The main role of MORPHEUS headphone amplifier is to give you dreamlikel listening pleasure.

Subtle presentation and flexible connection options give this amplifier incredible potential to bring you into the zone of pleasure close to beautiful dreams.

MORPHEUS will become your true deity the moment you hear it. It will play at all levels with ease on all types of headphones.

The basic topology was derived from the famous HAS-1b amplifier which means:

  • discrete elements
  • careful selection of components
  • transistors with an output power of 180 watts per channel.
  • transistor pre-drivers work in pure A-class
  • volume is regulated by a double attenuator with 24 positions.
  • Single-end input with lateral FET transistors
  • Rigid housing


MORPHEUS can drive the following types of headphones:

  • electrodynamic
  • planar
  • ribbon via transformer interface (RAAL & Requisite Ti-1)

The sound presentation is transparent, resolute and relaxed. It could be said that it is a smaller version of the famous HSA-1b.

It is possible to connect 4 pairs of headphones with the possibility of level matching of the pairs. This gives you the ability to listen to music with four people at the same time with different levels of headphone sensitivity, which gives it great flexibility and usability.

MSRP Tax include Europe: 4560 USD

Export  price free Tax: 3800 USD

Price (MSRP):1,00USD

MORPHEUS Amplifier Specs

Load Impedance headphones out - direct

8- 600 ohms

Load Impedance speakers out


Output Power :

8W/8 ohms, 4,5W/16 ohm,  2,2W/32ohm, 1,1W/64ohms, 0,6W/120 ohms, 0,3W/300 ohms, 0,15W/600 ohms at 1khz/sine

Frequency Response:

500mv/ in/sin.  15hz –  500kHz  (-1dB/ -2dB)

Power Bandwidth:

Better than 10-100kHz (-0.5db) at 1W 


Bether than  0,5% at 1khz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 95dB

Input Impedance:


Input Sensitivity for full OUT:

0,9V AC

Input Connections:

INPUT 1- 2 RCA Single-Ended, INPUT 2 - 2 XLR 3-pin Balanced (female)

Output Connections:

 1 x XLR 4-pin female +6,3mm stereo jack-direct,

 1 x XLR 4-pin female + 6,3mm stereo jack- attenuation -6dB  (balanced Planar & Dynamic headphones)

Max Power Consumption:

30W, without signal 10W

Workng voltage:

115V/230VAC (selector switch) or 100V (requires internal connection)

In fuction selector position


Height 90mm, Width 238mm, D 280mm


netto 4,7kg / brutto 6,0kg

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